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Democrat beholden to AT&T destroys California net neutrality bills
Assembly Member Miguel Santiago, a California Democrat, struck a deathblow to the state's “gold standard” net neutrality bills yesterday. This scores a huge victory for some of ...
June 21st, 17:15h
Author: Tristan Greene
Fb Messenger auto-translation chips at US/Mexico language wall
Facebook’s been criticized for tearing America apart, but now it will try to help us forge bonds with our neighbors to the south. Facebook Messenger will now offer optional auto-translation of English to Spanish and vice-versa for all users in the United States and Mexico. The feature could f…
June 21st, 17:02h
Author: Josh Constine
“Flip Grip” brings classic arcade screen orientation to portable Switch
Plastic holster lets you play dozens of Switch games the way they were intended.
June 21st, 17:00h
Author: Kyle Orland
Game like the 90s never ended with a free SNES Classic on us!
Today’s hot games like Fortnite are undeniably brilliant. Yet even with all their technical and visual superiority, there’s an equally undeniable allure to 90’s ...
June 21st, 17:00h
Author: TNW Deals
Tesla lawsuit target called “horrible human being” by CEO Elon Musk
Tripp: "Putting cars on the road with safety issues is being a horrible human being!"
June 21st, 16:59h
Author: Cyrus Farivar
Microsoft and Nintendo release Minecraft trailer focused on cross-play
In the world of gaming, cross-compatibility between platforms has always bene a bit of a white whale. While most players hope for it, console makers and game publishers haven’t always been so willing. Until recently. Microsoft, Nintendo and PC game makers have started making games more cross-…
June 21st, 16:59h
Author: Jordan Crook
States will be able to charge sales tax on online purchases thanks to the Supreme Court
In a five-to-four decision issued today, the Supreme Court ruled that states can make online businesses collect sales taxes — even if they don’t have a physical presence in that state. Today’s ruling overturns a decision from the Court in 1992 that paved the way for the explosion …
June 21st, 16:58h
Author: Jonathan Shieber
Google adds a search feature to account settings to ease use
Google has announced a refresh of the Google Accounts user interface. The changes are intended to make it easier for users to navigate settings and review data the company has associated with an account — including information relating to devices, payment methods, purchases, subscriptions, re…
June 21st, 16:57h
Author: Natasha Lomas
Valve disables item trading for Dutch players following lootbox controversy
Valve has disabled trading for Dutch CS: GO and Dota 2 players, thanks to a lawsuit from gambling authorities and a controversy a year in the making. The context: The Netherlands ...
June 21st, 16:47h
Author: Rachel Kaser
Report: Apple considered removing the charging port from the iPhone X
When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, it set off an industry-wide epidemic of bad design choices. We're still recovering. So thank goodness a report Apple was ...
June 21st, 16:42h
Author: Napier Lopez
The future of sports at TNW2018: Drone racing, Gattaca, and more
Technology is having a great impact on how we consume and interact with sports. Something as simple as a video assistant referee has already altered the FIFA World Cup -- so what can ...
June 21st, 16:12h
Author: Ailsa Sherrington
Hiring-platform Pymetrics named ‘Technology Pioneers’ by World Economic Forum
Pymetrics is a New-York based AI hiring-platform, that allows companies to hire more diverse candidates. The company boasts clients of very large sizes, such as Unilever, Google, AirBnB ...
June 21st, 16:10h
Author: Guðrun í Jákupsstovu
The new Ronin S gimbal is essential YouTube gear
If you're reading this you're probably a filmmaker or someone who might like to become a filmmaker. If so, you already know that the Ronin S is a gimbal: a robo...
June 21st, 16:01h
Author: Evan Rodgers
Bag Week 2018: The Nomadic NF-02 keeps everything in its right place
Nomadic, a Japanese brand sold by JetPens in the US, makes some of my favorite bags and backpacks . The Wise Walker Toto was an amazing little bag and I’ve always enjoyed the size, materials, and design. The $89 Nomadic NF-02 is no different. The best thing about this 15×7 inch backpack …
June 21st, 16:00h
Author: John Biggs
Zume adds a robotic arm to its automated pizza kitchen
Earlier this year, Zume made it pretty clear that it was exploring life beyond pizza. Coffee, steamed buns and frozen yogurt have all been floated as possibilities for the newly formed Zume Inc. Of course, for its subsidiary Zume Pizza, the titular foodstuff is very much its bread and butter. In fa…
June 21st, 16:00h
Author: Brian Heater
Ars on your lunch break, part two: History, reality, and robots for the elderly
Talking about the intersection of robotics and AI with Rodney Brooks.
June 21st, 16:00h
Nintendo and Microsoft team up to promote cross-play, while Sony remains silent
Nintendo and Microsoft are using Minecraft cross-play as a marketing weapon, while Sony continues to block cross-play
June 21st, 15:55h
Author: Tom Warren
Google’s redesigned account hub makes it easier to control and search your settings
Google has redesigned the Google Account hub on Android with a simpler, more intuitive interface, and it now quickly lets you search for whatever setting or account detail you want to review or change.
June 21st, 15:44h
Author: Chris Welch
MTV is rebooting Daria and The Real World in another bid to reclaim millennials
MTV is attempting to revive its golden age with reboots of Daria, The Real World, Made, and more with its new production arm MTV Studios.
June 21st, 15:44h
Author: Bijan Stephen
How to optimize your online gaming setup
Don't worry: Even if you follow our guide you can still blame network lag for why you missed that chicken dinner in 'PUBG.' We won't tell.
June 21st, 15:30h
Author: Timothy J. Seppala