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The Amazon Prime credit card will start giving 5 percent back on Whole Foods purchases
And non-Prime members with the regular Amazon Rewards Visa card will earn 3 percent back.
February 20th, 05:01h
Author: Jason Del Rey
Shady cryptocurrency project brings on Steven Seagal to appear even more shady
Actor Steven Seagal could be the harbinger of the ICO apocalypse. Seagal today announced his involvement with 'Bitcoiin,' an upcoming token that looks a lot like Bitcoin, but is built ...
February 20th, 01:59h
Author: Bryan Clark
Flight-sim devs say hidden password-dump tool was used to fight pirates [Updated]
Developer says tool was intended to target one specific cracker.
February 20th, 01:48h
Author: Kyle Orland
Günter Blobel, Nobel Laureate Who Found Cell ‘ZIP Codes,’ Dies at 81
Dr. Blobel, at Rockefeller University, discovered that proteins in any given cell carry signals that guide them to where they can do their beneficial job.
February 20th, 01:32h
Author: Robert D. McFadden
Cryptocurrency-mining criminals that netted $3 million gear up for more
Attackers who mined 10,829 Monero coins over 18 months target a new server platform.
February 20th, 01:18h
Author: Dan Goodin
Why A.I. Researchers at Google Got Desks Next to the Boss
At Google, Facebook and other tech companies, executives are making statements about priorities with their seating charts.
February 20th, 00:17h
Author: Cade Metz
Apple updates all its operating systems to address Indian Telugu crash
The update deals with some issues with iOS devices and external accessories, too.
February 20th, 00:12h
Author: Samuel Axon
Review: I had a blast making my own AI-powered smart speaker with these Matrix boards
The Matrix Voice development board is a Raspberry Pi add-on you can build your own voice assistant with. I got my hands on a review unit to see if someone who is “code illiterate” ...
February 19th, 23:30h
Author: Tristan Greene
Hackers have turned the Nintendo Switch into a functional Linux tablet
If you’re tired of video games, you might be able to hack your Nintendo Switch into a Linux tablet someday soon.
February 19th, 22:39h
Author: Paul Miller
Air Hogs' Supernova packs motion controls in a kid-friendly drone
Air Hogs' newest drone is a glowing ball you control with a wave of your hand.
February 19th, 22:01h
Author: Kris Naudus
Apple updates all of its operating systems to fix app-crashing bug
Apple releases software updates for all operating systems to fix the latest app-crashing bug.
February 19th, 21:46h
Author: David Lumb
Twitter is brutally mocking the fake Black Panther assault stories
Over the weekend, Twitter saw a wave of posts from users claiming they were white filmgoers who were physically assaulted by black attendees at Black Panther screenings. The intent seemed to be to stir up racial tensions or stoke social media users’ fears enough to keep them from seeing the movie. All these tweets were instantly and easily debunked, and Twitter has suspended some of the accounts posting false assault claims. But Twitter users have also fought back with satire and humor, mocking the trolls with increasingly exaggerated versions of theater-assault stories.
February 19th, 21:45h
Author: Tasha Robinson
Smarmy seduction sim slips slimily onto Steam
A game called Super Seducer just oozed onto the Steam market. It's a game in which a self-proclaimed "seduction guru" shows men the way to a woman's heart through the use ...
February 19th, 21:43h
Author: Rachel Kaser
Zuckerberg says he wants us to spend less time on Facebook. Maybe he means it.
Maybe, just maybe, Facebook actually does want us to spend less time on Facebook. During an earnings call in late January, Mark Zuckerberg surprised everyone by saying people spending ...
February 19th, 21:37h
Author: Napier Lopez
Update for iOS and Macs negates text bomb that crashed devices
Last week we reported a major bug in Apple operating systems that would cause them to crash from mere exposure to either of two specific Unicode symbols...
February 19th, 21:32h
Author: Devin Coldewey
The $20 Wyze security camera gets a sequel with improved intelligence and Amazon Echo support
The team behind WyzeCam is full of surprises. First they introduced a $20 plug and play security camera in October of last year, and now they’re already..
February 19th, 21:28h
Author: Brian Heater
Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to fix iPhone crash bug
Apple has released iOS 11.2.6 today, which includes a bug fix for the Indian language (Telugu) character that crashes an iPhone and makes apps like Messages, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp inaccessible.
February 19th, 21:21h
Author: Tom Warren
Author Brian Dear talks about the amazing PLATO computing system
Before Xerox Parc there was PLATO. This amazing computing system came to life in 1960 and by the 1970s was running a number of graphical terminals well before..
February 19th, 21:13h
Author: John Biggs
Ancient DNA sheds light on what happened to the Taino, the native Caribbeans
A new DNA study explores where the Taino came from and where they went.
February 19th, 20:55h
Author: Kiona N. Smith
Combining augmented reality, 3D printing and a robotic arm to prototype in real time
Robotic Modeling Assistant (RoMA) is a joint project out of MIT and Cornell that brings together a variety of different emerging technologies in an attempt to..
February 19th, 20:51h
Author: Brian Heater